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Umanzor's Painting & Remodeling Wrought Iron Fence Painting in Houston, Texas

We can help your bring your wrought iron fence back to life.

Our painters at Umanzor's Painting & Remodeling are skilled iron fence painters. We are equipped to handle each step of the process: preparation and painting.
Steps of the Iron Fence Painting Process:

1. Sanding - In the preparation we will brush away all of the loose material and then sand the fence so the paint sticks better.
2. Rust Control - We will also make sure to apply a primer to help with any rust and this should also help with further rusting.
3. Painting - We will apply the semi-gloss or gloss paint evenly to give your iron fence a fresh look.

Give the painters at Umanzor's Painting & Remodeling in Houston, TX a call today to begin the process.